Interview: Anna Cathcart talks to All the Boys XO spin-off, Kitty and her LEGO DOTS collection


19-year-old Anna Cathcart, best known for her role as Kitty Covey in the film trilogy “All Boys”, has returned with several surprises: a spin-off of her favorite teen romantic comedy and a new partnership with LEGO DOTS.

The Netflix series “All Boys” is based on a series of novels by Jenny Han and tells about the sweet Lara Jean Covey and her path of growing up through school and romance. Cathcart portrays the sister of the main character, a fireball of wit and good mood — a role she has been playing since 2018.

In March 2021, it was announced that Kitty would receive a side effect from the streamer, and not so long ago, the actress announced on her social networks that they were filming in Seoul. “This show is about Kitty going to Korea to enroll in an international school, and we see her now in high school, which is such a new environment because in the movies she studied in high school,” Cathcart shares with Game Rant. Khan and Sasha Rothschild will be co-showrunners and executive producers along with Matt Kaplan of ACE Entertainment. The logline of the 10-episode show teases that Kitty will reunite with her long-distance boyfriend while studying in Korea and learns that love is harder than it seems.

Game Rant spoke one-on-one with Anna Cathcart in a room decorated with posters from her LEGO Dots collection. We talked about XO, Kitty, how she joined LEGO to create three limited-edition posters that can be customized with LEGO DOTS, her experience working at a dog cafe in Seoul, Korea, and how working in entertainment helped shape her own style. .

Game Rant: What attracted you to collaborate with LEGO DOTS?

Anna Cathcart: I grew up loving LEGO Bricks and LEGO Friends and all their different lines. I always begged my mom to bring me to the LEGO store. Now getting the opportunity to work with them was so much fun. I collaborated with the LEGO Group to help create three different posters, each representing a different vibe. All of them are configured using dots and patches.

GR: What was the process of creating these designs?

Cathcart: I had to help with the color scheme and various images on the design. Of the three different aesthetics, I like Bold and Vibey posters the most. The record player on the poster was inspired by the record player in my own bedroom, and I love the vintage vibe it brings. I’m definitely drawn to it, but I can relate to all the posters very differently. Wandercore is very dreamy and makes me want to watch the stars, which I love to do, and then the “Island under the Sun” poster has a lot of energy and it’s very bright, lively and beachy. I used to go to Hawaii with my family a lot when I was growing up, so it only brings warm feelings.

GR: You mentioned that the player on the Bold and Vibey poster is inspired by the player in your room. What are your favorite recordings to listen to?

Cathcart: Oh, I have a lot of new records. It’s very cool, but it’s also fun to have brand new albums on the records, and not old albums from the days when records were still in use. When I go to a concert, I always try to get a recording from the concert. So, one of my favorites is my Alessia Cara. I love her very much.

GR: Has working on the films “All Boys” and “Descendants” helped you form your own aesthetics?

Cathcart: Working on both of these two projects has had a huge impact on my life. They have naturally influenced what I like and what I am drawn to. I’ve been a part of these beautiful worlds for so many years, and now I see things all the time and think, “Oh, this is so Descendants!” or I’ll see an outfit or some decor and say, “This is so Kitty!” I like Kitty’s outfits, and I like that part of her aesthetics is being true to herself, especially in the third film, where she wears a tuxedo to a wedding, even though everyone else is wearing dresses. She’s like, “No, I’m going to mind my own business, and you’re not going to stop me.” I love that about her.

GR: I saw that not so long ago you shot XO, Kitty in Seoul, Korea. What can you say about Kitty’s journey in the series?

Cathcart: First of all, the whole experience of being in Korea for so many months was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s such a beautiful place. I’m still thinking that it was real life. But what can I tell you about the show itself? To be honest, there’s not much I can share. I’m dying to tell everyone everything, and there will be more things to share soon. But overall, this show is about Kitty going to Korea to an international school, and we see her now in high school, which is such a new environment because in the movies she was in high school. She was a younger sister, and you saw her dynamics in the family and in the house, but now it’s her dynamics in her world and her friends.


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