Intervention in the anti-Semitist movement on Twitter


Speaking on Tuesday evening on the second day of the Republican National Congress (RNC), Mary Ann Mendoza shared a hostile tweet on Twitter. Mary Ann Mendoza was sacked hours after her more than 40,000 followers retweeted a call on anti-Semitism.

Mary Ann, who campaigned against illegal immigration, made a series of anti-Semitic posts, referring to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Mary Ann Mendoza a tweet on twitter, part of the QAnon conspiracy theory, describing a false Jewish plan to rule the world; He shared by calling “Do yourself a favor and read this topic.”

Twitter account suspended!

He quickly deleted his message after it was published in the US media and later apologized. Twitter suspended Mary Ann’s account after determining that multiple tweets were hate speech.

In her statement, Mary Ann said: “I retweeted every post in the thread without reading it. Sorry for not paying attention to the purpose of the message. This message in no way reflects my feelings or personal thoughts. ” said.

Mendoza’s son, a police officer, died in a car accident involving an illegal immigrant. This incident reminds us that Mary Ann has a grudge against immigrants.

Mary Ann at the congress; He would say that Donald Trump had finally secured the US border and was the first political leader he had seen on the radical left to end illegal immigration from day one.

Trump has been inviting parents like Mary Ann Mendoza to his rallies since 2015 and using his stories to send a message to American families. Often referred to as “Angel Mothers,” Mendoza and other parents like him were part of The Remembrance Project as the “voice of those killed by illegal aliens” that has been featured in Trump’s events for years.

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