Internet via Starlink impresses beta testers


Despite the warning that beta testers receive about speed and latency issues, the performance of the Starlink satellite internet has been surprising – especially users in rural areas, who suffer from the poor quality of internet services. Only one thing remains to be desired: the “brief periods without connectivity” – but the problem, warned from the beginning, must be corrected in a short time.

Called Better than Nothing, the beta phase of SpaceX’s internet service was launched a month ago, and begins to receive the first reviews.

“Link stability is an issue. It varies enough to disconnect us from sensitive servers every 5-10 minutes, but services like Netflix [which has buffered storage that keeps the movie running, even when the internet goes down] are working perfectly, ”said Reddit user Exodatum.

According to him, the falling snow can affect the service (his antenna is planted on a table in the backyard of the house): “The heavy clouds interrupted some of today’s transmissions.”

Beta testers living in bad weather say the internet in the Starlink constellation has done well. According to user Curtis Nims told PCMag, “I uploaded a YouTube video over the Starlink network during a storm. Even so, the connection still reached 113 Mbps for downloads and 15 Mbps for uploads.”

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