Internet Users Are Fascinated by The Beauty of Jeonghan From SEVENTEEN in Paris


On the occasion of Paris Fashion Week, many idols go to the French capital, to the delight of Kpop fans!

On January 16, SEVENTEEN’s Jonghan was spotted at Incheon Airport heading to Paris.

The idol was invited by the luxury brand Saint Laurent to the show scheduled during Fashion Week, and he was in the front row!

Of course, the young man took the opportunity to visit Paris, and we cannot choose between the beauties of the city and his!

Photos show her incredible images, and fans are amazed.

He also posted some black and white photos in his Instagram stories, which gives them even more charm.

Les internautes sont subjugués par la beauté de Jeonghan de SEVENTEEN à Paris

Les internautes sont subjugués par la beauté de Jeonghan de SEVENTEEN à Paris

Fans and internet users were fascinated by her beauty and commented:

  • “Wow, his aura is crazy”
  • “Honey-I’m… an even more handsome man without a schedule”
  • “He’s seriously crazy, hahahahahaha, how can he be so handsome? “
  • “This is really the Saint Lawrence man… Look at his aura…”
  • “Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen Jeonghan with such an atmosphere”
  • “His aura fully corresponds to the human Saint Lawrence. It fits him perfectly, and he’s really beautiful.”
  • “His aura, wow…”
  • “Her real charm is her personality, and her great looks are just an added bonus”
  • “I do not know if it makes sense, but it seems to me that he will age very well. As if he was going to kill in his 40s and 50s,”
  • “He is the perfect combination of beauty and attractiveness because of his well-defined masculine chin line. So sexy! »

Have you met him?


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