Internet Phenomenon of Ghanaian Coffin Dancers: Jobs are Reduced by Coronary Virus


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, one of Ghana’s local traditions has become one of the world’s favorite humor materials in recent weeks. Naturally strange to the rest of the world, the “coffin dancers” in Ghana spoke for the first time after the viral video.

We are experiencing the most critical period of the 21st century due to the coronavirus epidemic. However, even this seriousness cannot prevent humor elements in social media; on the contrary, people try to escape from the tense agenda, find new materials to laugh. “Funeral fun” images, one of the local traditions of Ghana, became one of these materials.

The dance images that go viral under the name “Coffin Dance” are actually a tradition that has been appropriate for many years in the funerals of rich people in Ghana. Among the Ghanaians, who send off the people they lost with high morale, with celebrations, there are dancers who make a living only with this job. The dances and funeral activities that they made due to the epidemic became the agenda at once, making our chocolate-skinned brothers the most recognizable faces in the world.

Ghanaian coffin dancers: Our work has decreased due to coronavirus
Benjamin Aldo, one of the dancers in the viral images, calls himself “the best funeral dancer in the world”. This tradition, which BBC African Correspondent Sullet Lansah actually brought to the world agenda 3 years ago, apparently will last longer. Lansah met again with the dancers on the agenda.

Prove that everything that people would meet strangely would be ordinary under normal conditions. There are 2,719 cases and 294 recovered patients in Ghana due to the coronavirus epidemic. To date, there have been only 18 deaths from coronavirus in the country. According to the World Health Organization, the accuracy of the data in Africa is a matter of debate. In fact, the rise of the epidemic in Africa may open the door to new crises.

Whatever the case, Ghanaian dancers will be remembered for their images engraved in memory after the coronavirus, with the content produced for them on social media:


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