Internet of Starlink satellites exceeds 100 Mbps


The internet connection based on SpaceX’s Starlink satellites is already managing to offer download speeds in excess of 100 Mbps, in addition to low latency. This is what the results of the most recent tests carried out by the company, released on Thursday (3), indicate.

According to senior SpaceX engineer Kate Tice, the measurement data was considered good by the company, and could provide enough bandwidth to perform tasks such as the simultaneous transmission of several HD-quality movies and playing online.

These results are still far from the speed promised when the service was introduced, to provide download rates of at least 1 Gbps and latency below 20 milliseconds. However, they are better than those of the first tests recently revealed, which showed speeds varying between 11 Mpbs and 60 Mpbs.

At the moment, the service is being used only by employees of the startup, in a private beta test. By the end of the year, the public beta test of the Starlink internet will begin, open to previously registered residents of some regions of the United States and Canada.

Increasing connection speed

Another detail disclosed by Tice was about the tests made by the engineers of the Starlink network with two satellites in orbit, equipped with inter-satellite links, called by the company “space lasers”.

According to her, this technology made it possible to transfer hundreds of gigabytes of data. Once fully implemented, the feature will make the company’s network one of the fastest in the world in transferring information.

Something that will also contribute to improving the speed of the connection is the increase in the constellation of Starlink satellites. SpaceX’s plan is to launch around 12,000 satellites in the next five years, taking the internet to the most remote places on the planet, such as rural regions.


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