Internet Explorer already redirects you to Microsoft Edge


Internet Explorer is becoming increasingly obsolete. The famous application for surfing the Internet will go down in the history of many for being the first to discover the World Wide Web for many, but it is time to say goodbye. Microsoft is trying to get more and more people to switch to Edge actively and passively, to the point that Explorer will redirect you directly to Edge in its new version.

New changes come to Edge

Microsoft Edge is the present of the Redmond browser and everything indicates that it will continue to be so for many years. This year has been when it has made its most significant change with the introduction of Chromium to its system, but the reality is that there are still users who still use Internet Explorer. The American company continues to insist that everyone switch to the new browser and the last option it has given has been with the arrival of Edge 87.

Yes, the new version of the more contemporary browser is programmed so that the old browser gives up control with a more direct redirection that will help more and more users to become more confident with the new application. Of course, it includes new security patches that help make the software more stable while being protected against more existing vulnerabilities.

Other new features that they also incorporate also have to do with the PDF viewer. Until now, everyone relied on Adobe’s Acrobat reader to access all the PDF files they sent you, but it is no longer necessary. There is also an improvement for the printing of web pages, since when printing on both sides of the paper it is possible to turn the long side or the short side of a sheet over.

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How to know if you have the new version of Edge

This question is both common and easy to answer. And is that if you have automatic updates you have nothing to worry about and you only have to use the browser. But if this is not the case you have to follow the following tips that we leave you below: Go to the three points in the upper right part of the application and then, in the configuration section, click on the option About Microsoft Edge.

From here you will see which is the latest version you have and if it is outdated, the update will automatically start.


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