Internet Browser with 5 MB RAM: Flow


A browser called “Flow”, developed by UK-based Ekioh, appears to have a significant impact on the industry. The browser, promising unprecedented performance, is set to challenge Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With the spread of internet and computer usage, internet browsers have gained great importance. Although there are many browsers to choose from today, consumers mostly use Google Chrome. However, Google Chrome and other internet browsers will soon become a serious competitor. “Flow”, developed by a company called “Ekioh”, seems to rewrite the rules of connecting to the Internet.

Flow comes with “HTML5” support, one of the newest game engines for websites. In addition, this internet browser minimizes memory (RAM) consumption and offers very serious performance. In addition, the architecture of this internet browser offers very important features compared to its competitors.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Flow is that it uses both the processor and the graphics card. Thus, this internet browser promises to deliver unprecedented performance. With these features, Flow makes a significant difference to its competitors. A chart shared by Ekioh reveals how powerful Flow is, especially graphically.

The graphic above shows the full-screen animation performance of different browsers. Moreover, the performance similar to the above graph is shown in UIs and VR content at 4K resolution. It seems that Flow will make a name for himself in the near future.

Flow’s unique features are not limited to this. This scanner can only be used on devices with 5 MB of RAM and 11 MB of storage. The platforms currently supported by Flow include Windows 10, Linux and Android. The number of these platforms is expected to increase in the future.

This scanner, signed by UK-based Ekioh, is currently unavailable. However, when this software is released, it seems that it will seriously challenge popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If Flow is as powerful as the developer team claims, then Google Chrome may end up in the first place.


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