Interestingly, coronavirus was detected in lake water


We are getting new information about the coronavirus every day. Studies on this epidemic, which affected the world and cost the lives of millions of people, are still ongoing. Scientists from the USA announced that coronavirus was found in the water samples taken from the beaches around Lake Superior in the west of the country. For the first time, coronavirus was detected in beach water.

For the first time, coronavirus was found in beach water!

Significant amounts of viruses were detected in the samples collected by the experts around Lake Superior. According to the research in question, for the first time, coronavirus has been detected in beach water. Researchers at the University of Minnesota in the USA have collected water samples from eight beaches on the shores of Lake Superior, a freshwater lake, since July 4.

With the summer months, the collection of water samples on the shore of the lake, where there is a large crowd of people, yielded results after months. It was observed that a new type of coronavirus was encountered in the analyzed water samples. The virus detected in water samples taken from Brighton, 42nd Avenue East, Franklin Park Beach and Lief Erickson Park beaches in September caused concern when it appeared on these beaches visited by thousands of people.

Although it was previously predicted that this virus could be in beach water, there were no definitive results. This discovery, proven by this study, actually reveals that more attention should be paid.

According to another statement from the University of Minnesota Medical School, it is underlined that the rate of coronavirus in beach water varies between 100 and 1000 per liter, and this is approximately 10 thousand times lower than the rates in sewage systems. So sewage is still more dangerous!

It is estimated that the people who carry this virus to the beach water are swimmers. In addition, it is still a mystery whether the virus has passed to people from the water. Experts continue their research on the subject


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