Interesting YouTube plugin from Lay’s: Auto captioning


Lay’s, one of the biggest chips brands of Frito Lay, is on the agenda with an interesting YouTube Chrome extension. The increase in the number of YouTube views all over the world with the pandemic triggered the famous company. Accordingly, the saying “I missed the video while eating chips” will come to an end.

Lay’s developed a plugin to watch YouTube videos while eating chips

Lay’s developed an interesting YouTube plug-in with the idea from Happiness Saigon, the Vietnamese agency he works with. Accordingly, the agency noticed that people were missing important places while watching a YouTube video.

According to this research, the crackling sound that occurs while eating chips can cause us to miss an important part of the video.

Here’s the famous chips brand created a Chrome extension that understands this crunch and adds subtitles to the video at that moment. This plugin, called “Crispy Subtitles from Lay’s”, introduced it on Happiness Saigon’s YouTube page a week ago.

But how was this interesting plugin developed? For the Lay’s YouTube Chrome extension, the developer team gathered chips eating sounds from all over the world.

Collecting these 178-hour-long audio recordings, the team developed an artificial intelligence that detects these sounds. People all over the world have a different chewing voice, according to the developer team. That’s why the developers collected sound samples from each region to detect these local differences.

When you activate this fun and interesting plugin, it detects that a video has been opened on YouTube. The plugin, which instantly analyzes the crackling of eating chips while watching the video, adds subtitles to the video. Thus, the add-on prevents you from missing what is described in the video.


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