Interesting TikTok release from the Chinese government


If ByteDance, the owner of the popular viral video app TikTok, doesn’t find a buyer in a short time, it faces the possibility of saying goodbye to its activities in America permanently. However, in addition to all these, another factor that forced the company was the Beijing government. Because Beijing wants the application to be completely eliminated rather than sold to an American firm.

Beijing doesn’t want to sell viral video app TikTok

ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, started selling the application against the ban imposed by President Trump. The company, which met with world-famous companies such as Microsoft and Oracle about the sale, has not yet been able to make an official transaction.

In addition to all these, Chinese government officials, considering the sensitivity of the situation, stated that the possibility of ByteDance to make a forced sale in the face of pressure brought by Washington both seems weak and unwanted. According to Reuters, China, beyond opposing the sale of TikTok, prefers its sale to its closure. The statement made by ByteDance to Reuters would be in conflict with Beijing. Because the company stated that it does not want the application to be closed in the USA or any other country.

Making a statement on the subject last Friday, Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian stated that the definition of national security in question was misused and President Trump used this incident to suppress foreign companies.

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