Interesting statement from the designer of PlayStation 5


PlayStation 5 will be available as of November 12. However, reviews of Sony’s new game console have already begun to be published. In most of these reviews, it is noted that the PlayStation 5 is a physically large console.

Although the size of the console does not seem to affect the decision of potential buyers, these reviews suggest that a large space should be made for the PS5 next to the television. However, an interview reveals that the final design of the PlayStation 5 is smaller compared to the initial drafts.

Under the design of the PlayStation 5 is the signature of Sony’s senior art director Yujin Morisawa. Speaking to The Washington Post, Morisawa stated that his initial designs were much larger than the final design. The designer stated that the information given to him at that time was sufficient with the need for more space for cooling and components.

In the interview, Morisawa said: “I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning. It was going to be very strong so I knew it would be bigger. I knew how much air flow was needed and how much space was needed for heat evacuation. My initial drawings were much larger because I did not know much about the engineering part of the job. After feedback from the engineering team, I downsized the initial design significantly. ”

Acknowledging that the PlayStation 5 is still a large console, Morisawa said that the current dimensions are perfect. Saying that a smaller case may cause problems with airflow, the Sony designer said that comparisons with other household items do not bother him about the size of the PlayStation 5.

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The interview in question does not give much detail about PlayStation 5. However, it is important as Sony’s new console sheds light on the design process.


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