Interesting Shield Thought to Reflect Cosmic Rays on the Moon’s Surface: Moon Vortex


There are many things we still don’t know about the Moon, the closest neighbor and moon to the pale blue planet we live on. One of them is the formations called Moon Vortex. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Despite our constantly evolving technology, we are still in the ‘crawling’ stage of space exploration. Although we learn new things about planets and space every day, there is a lot we don’t know. One of the many things we don’t know about is the Moon, the planet’s moon.

On the surface of the moon, there are formations called lunar swirl. These formations; colored stones and dust spirals carry for miles. There are many questions about where and when these vortices occur. According to, these may be caused by internal magnetic fields or the effects of meteor collisions. Some experts say that the magnetic fields of these vortices may serve as a kind of natural shield because they deflect solar winds and cosmic rays.

How do Moon Vortices Occur?
Experts who do research on the subject have different opinions about how these strange whirlpools have formed. The consensus view is that you have to go to the surface of the Moon to fully understand what is happening.

Ble I would love to see a tool that can learn how much solar wind is coming to the moon’s surface and investigate its effects, Johns said David Blewett, a planet earth scientist at Johns Hopkins University. What is the origin of these magnetic anomalies? The moon does not have a spherical magnetic field but has magnetized crustal rocks. ”

It is not possible to find out if the Moon vortices reflect solar wind and cosmic radiation enough to be really useful until a vehicle reaches the surface of the Moon and makes measurements there.

David Blewett told that these areas are not likely to be very effective. Blewett said that the area under the umbrella would remain dry, but the area around the umbrella would get wet with both rain and drops flowing from the umbrella.


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