Interesting request from Apple for the WordPress iOS app


Thanks to the free WordPress iOS application, it is possible to create and manage a website on iPhone or iPad. Apart from that, it is also possible to purchase one of the domain name or website packages via WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg claims that Apple does not allow updates to the in-app purchasing system without adding it to the application, and that it wants to deduct 30 percent from purchases made through the WordPress application.

Interestingly, no sales are made through the WordPress iOS app. The application only allows free website creation. It also does not allow you to purchase a domain name via iPhone or iPad. It only offers a free address and 3 GB of storage.

Apple states that it is mandatory to have an in-app purchase system on other platforms or apps that allow access to content, subscriptions or features purchased on the website. However, no sales are made from within the WordPress application, and it seems that some possibilities can be accessed through the application without purchasing anything from

Mullenweg says there are some sections that will allow iOS users to see that WordPress have paid packages, which are usually placed on the support pages, or users can go to WordPress’s site and see their web page preview. He adds that he offered Apple to prevent iOS users from seeing them, but that was also denied.

Mullenweg says he has no intention of fighting Apple, in a statement to The Verge site. It will add the in-app sales system to the iOS application within 30 days, which will allow the purchase of paid packages and also domain names. Apple also gave Automattic permission to update the app during this time.

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The interruptions that Apple did not apply to developers and publishers through the App Store have become more frequent recently. Apple removed the popular game from the App Store, as Epic Games circled the App Store by developing an alternative payment method within Fortnite. Later, Epic Games embarked on a public relations campaign that was apparently prepared and also sued Apple. When Google followed Apple’s path, Epic Games also sued this company.

On the other hand, a group of news publishers in the US sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook the day before asking how they can take advantage of the in-app purchases and subscription privileges that Amazon enjoyed. Under the agreement between Amazon and Apple, Prime Video subscriptions are only charged a 15 percent commission.

Meanwhile, Mullenweg said the tweet he shared on Twitter was meant to inform the WordPress community rather than a challenge to Apple. He needed to provide this preliminary information so that users would not be surprised when the WordPress application was updated when they saw the purchase options within the application.


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