Interesting refrigerator from Amazon: Will order for you!


E-commerce giant Amazon is developing a refrigerator that will track your buying habits and make special recommendations for you.


Smart refrigerators have been in our lives for a while. The user can see what is going on inside by watching the cameras placed inside the cabinet with a mobile application to be installed on his phone. In addition, some refrigerators, thanks to the special technologies developed, can identify foods and provide recipes, etc. to the user. gives advice.

The world’s largest e-commerce giant Amazon has rolled up its sleeves for its own smart refrigerator. According to Business Insider reports, the company has allocated an annual investment budget of $50 million for the project. The cabinet that Amazon is developing will have much different features than its competitors.

Amazon Alexa powered fridge will track your buying habits

Amazon’s smart refrigerator will also have the technologies the company uses in Amazon Go stores operating in the US and UK. For example; Just Walk Out technology keeps track of what a customer has added to his cart by instantly tracking a customer who is shopping in the store. Afterwards, it automatically takes the basket amount from the account that the customer has read into the system at login.

Amazon Go store

Developed in partnership with the company’s Amazon Fresh and Lab126 teams, the smart refrigerator will track the products inside and analyze the user’s purchasing habits. When a product you buy frequently becomes low, the device will inform you about it. If you wish, it will help you to order from the contracted markets. It will also notify you of foods that are approaching their expiration date.

For now, information about the smart refrigerator, codenamed Project Pulse, is limited. Business Insider shared the information it obtained from sources close to Amazon with the public. He stated that the company will not produce the refrigerator alone, but will instead work in partnership with a home electronics manufacturer. It was also said that Amazon may have suspended the project, while underlining the possibility that it will never materialize.


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