Interesting products of Xiaomi you probably don’t know


Xiaomi has been making its name known in many areas with its variety of products for a while. Although it is a technology company, it attracts attention with its products in almost every field with its purchases or signing on different products. Among these products, China-based company has sports shoes as well as accessories that can be used in daily life, kitchen tools and so on.

Xiaomi Youpin platform hosts different products
This has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Nevertheless, the Youpin platform, which Xiaomi does not know many people and sells its interesting products, is diverse enough to be the subject of our article today.

Priority Youpin looks just like platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The system, which operates with the crowdfunding system, also sells products. In the system in question, we even encounter devices that can be both hand dryers and hair dryers, hold the multi-purpose smart cooking pots.

In fact, we have prepared for you the news of two different products from the Youpin platform before: One of them was the appearance of a functional smart mask after the Corona virus. We have mentioned that the very useful product is Xiaomi Youpin. In addition, the head which prevents hair loss, which is a very interesting product, was again with the signature of Youpin. Here are the interesting products you probably didn’t know in Xiaomi Youpin….

Xiaomi Smartmi smart mask
Xiaomi has already started to produce masks according to the need due to the increased use of masks with the epidemic, but the country was not enough for China, and the country started to import masks with the COVID-19 outbreak. As an alternative to this, Xiaomi, which has received a smart mask patent, has already shown that it has been working in this field with the Xiaomi Youpin F95, which was developed for children at the beginning of February.

The product comes in different sizes and with a special filter system. In this way, Xiaomi, which allows the person to breathe more easily, draws attention with this smart mask that offers multiple uses.

Xiaomi Youpin Small Q smart ruler
The smart ruler, which is still a useful product, has been launched recently, although many people use the measuring section of the phone. It comes with a smart ruler round design and a palm-sized dimension. It can make measurements on different surfaces such as ruler, roller, curve and straight.

In this way, the product, which records its measurements in its smart system, shows you these figures on its digital screen when necessary. Measuring up to 100 meters, this smart device has a screen like 1.9 inches. The smart ruler, which has features such as measuring sound level and ambient light, has a weight of 30 grams, making it very attractive.

The device, which has a battery capacity of 200 mAh, allows you to measure up to 3 thousand meters in total with a single charge. The ruler charged with Type-C charges in as little as 5 minutes. The product has a price tag of about $ 15.

Xiaomi smart toilet
Yes, you did not read it wrong, another product that Xiaomi has reasoned for is the toilet. First of all, let’s talk about its design. The product is designed fully integrated into the wall and the folded toilet bowl looks aesthetic for this reason. Xiaomi normally appeared in toilet products with a smart toilet seat cover.

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Let’s take it a step further, let’s say that the product, which has added three different temperature settings to the toilet design and a system that cleans itself with air circulation, can be controlled via the mobile application. In addition to this, it can be controlled with a touch remote control besides its mobile application. The product, which came out of crowdfunding, has a price tag of $ 409.

Xiaomi smart rubik’s cube
Yes, the China-based company takes a step in this area and designs a rubik’s cube that looks pretty good. Bringing technology to unimaginable products, the company’s smart rubik cube has many features. It is reported that this rubik’s cube is strengthened, which uses special materials to prevent it from getting stuck or damaged.

The product, which has a smooth body design, also has a bluetooth feature. The system, which allows the user to control the cube remotely, makes it possible to change the colors with its smart connection. With the smart bulb system, you can change the colors on the cube with the control we just mentioned.

It is reported that the product, which can be paired with Yeelight Smart Bulb, is also compatible with other smart Xiaomi systems. Xiaomi rubik’s cube is said to work compatible with Android and iOS. Each time you turn the cube, it is stated that there is a different detection system that captures the color change and synchronizes the data in real time through the application. Besides, some suggestions and calculations for solving the cube come with this smart rubik’s cube. On the price tag of the product, it says 11 dollars.

Smart bed with xiaomi temperature control
Those who know, electric blankets, one of the popular winter products of the 90s and 2000s, have been reduced to use as a result of being dangerous after a while or even disappeared completely in recent years or brought back to life with new technologies.

Xiaomi reminds us of these blankets with another product that comes to mind: the smart mattress that provides temperature control. Although it poses the question of whether it is very useful but still dangerous in mind, it may still be very good for those who are too cold or sweat while sleeping. Let’s come to the features of the product.

The smart bed introduced in October is called Chanitex. The bed, which enables temperature control, is among the most innovative products. There is a special piping system in Youpin to provide temperature control between the cotton layers of the product, which is encountered with crowd funding.

The temperature comes from an external heating chamber and therefore does not carry risks such as radiation. You can adjust the temperature of the bed between 25 and 60 degrees. The smart bed is available for sale with a price tag of $ 197.


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