Interesting post election decision from Microsoft


After the US Presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Microsoft decided to cancel donations for politicians who objected to the approval of the election. As a result of the last elections, Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States. However, during the approval of the elections in Congress, the Capitol was occupied by Trump supporters.

It seems that difficult times are waiting for the politicians who voted against in the show vote held after the occupation.

Microsoft decides to cancel donations for Trump supporters

Microsoft, which provides a private donation fund for politicians, suspended its donation policy to reconsider after the Capitol Occupation on January 7.

With the new decision, the US has decided not to allocate funds for members of Congress who do not recognize the results of the Presidential election and support the thesis of the US former President Donald Trump. The official announcement of the election results in terms of the US Presidential election results is enough to be elected President of the USA.

However, the Congress convenes as a formality and approves the election results. The Capitol occupation, which occurred during this approval, went down in history as a black mark for the United States. After this raid, donation doors seem to be closing one by one for politicians who voted against the members of Congress.

Microsoft also announced a new funding program called the Democracy Forward Initiative. Accordingly, instead of supporting politicians, the software giant will support non-governmental organizations established to protect their voting rights.

Microsoft isn’t the only big tech firm to stop these donations. Earlier, Google made a similar statement and announced that it would not fund members of Congress who voted against the approval of the election results.

AT&T, Amazon, Verizon, Comcast, Dell, and Intel are currently suspending all donations.


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