Interesting patent for AirPods 3! Here is the new feature


Apple seems to have started preparations for AirPods 3. Judging by an emerging patent, we can say goodbye to the force sensor feature with the new generation AirPods. Although this sensor is a popular feature, Apple promises a much better user experience with the new patent.

Are we saying goodbye to the force sensor feature with AirPods 3?

In fact, it is not yet clear how a nomenclature has been chosen for the new generation AirPods. The analysis is of the opinion that the new version of the AirPods 2 released in 2019 will be released. Despite all this controversy, an interesting patent obtained by Apple has emerged. Accordingly, the touchpad will be used instead of the force sensor for AirPods 3.

The Apple wireless headset model uses a force sensor to switch between features such as answering calls and skipping music. It is also possible to customize this sensor by users.

However, according to the new patent, Apple plans to switch to touchpad control, which is much more useful. Thus, users will be able to customize the use with a single click or different swipe gestures.

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Of course, it should not be forgotten that Apple receives thousands of patents annually and does not implement most of them. Still, touch control has the potential to improve the user experience for AirPods 3. It is expected to use new generation technologies such as Bluetooth 5.0 for the new generation AirPods and to be released with a much longer battery life. What do you think, can this interesting patent really come to life? We are waiting your comments.


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