Interesting Offer For Model S User Whose Vehicle Was Damaged By Tesla


A 2014 Tesla Model S user claimed that his vehicle malfunctioned in the rain and that the authorized service did not fulfill the warranty conditions.


Tesla Model S user explained that his vehicle became unusable after heavy rain. Stating that Tesla made an offer to deceive the insurance company, the owner of the car stated that he also had problems with the warranty process.

Tesla didn’t keep its 8-year warranty promise

Stating that the motor and battery units are leakproof, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that water ingress is not possible in Tesla model vehicles.

Stating that he used his 2014 Tesla Model S vehicle during the downpour, Howei said, “My vehicle was completely turned off while driving on September 7, 2021. Around 2:00 pm, I felt a rumble while I was on the Long Island Highway. The car was unresponsive and luckily I survived without an accident. When I went to the Tesla service, it turned out that the drive unit was water damaged and needed to be replaced.” used the phrases.

Stating that the authorized service refused to repair the vehicle under warranty free of charge, Howei stated that the technician was told that it is possible to get water into the vehicle’s drive system in rainy weather.

Claiming that the 8-year drive unit warranty had been voided, Howei said, “I had an argument with the tech and service center manager, who refused to honor the warranty and even suggested that I tell my insurance company that the car was flooded.” said.

The company has not yet made an official statement on the subject.


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