Interesting Netflix Series Facts Every Fan Should Know


Most viewers of Bridgerton were instantly spellbound by its plot, there is a great chance that they missed a hidden detail or interesting information about some aspects of this series.


It is the most watched series

Since the premiere of this Netflix original in December, Bridgerton’s popularity has risen dramatically and, in just four weeks, has surpassed The Witcher, a previous viewership record.


To be more precise, 82 million households were interested in seeing Daphne find the husband of her dreams. Not to mention that it ranked first in 83 countries.


Queen charlotte

Although she doesn’t appear in Julia Quinn’s books, it was surely a great idea to add this real character to the show. Even historically, Queen Charlotte was an interesting and interesting lady.


On the show, she can often be seen surrounded by Pomeranians, wearing huge wigs, and enjoying smokeless tobacco. Meanwhile, the queen does not hold back from all the gossip and great drama that takes place in London society.


The symbolism of color

When it comes to beautiful Bridgerton costumes, it’s interesting to know that each family has their own color palette. That means Featheringtons often wear colors like yellow and orange to make their little girls stand out.


By contrast, the Bridgertons’ social status has long been established, which is why their wardrobe is filled with white, light green, and (mostly) pastel blue. Finally, the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) is frequently seen in red.


However, after Daphne and Simon’s engagement, their family members began to choose purple outfits, symbolizing the union of two prosperous families in Bridgerton.


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