Interesting Jeff Bezos ban from Amazon’s New World game!


Launched by Amazon, New World prevents you from giving your characters Bezos or similar names.


The MMORPG game New World, which Amazon has been working on for years, was presented to the players this week. A very interesting fact emerged about the game, which received very positive feedback at first.

After installing the game, the players who came to the character creation screen realized that they could not give the name of Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, to their characters.

New World doesn’t let you name your character Bezos

Exclusively for the PC platform, New World managed to gain a large player base from the very first week. However, some of the players who came to the character creation screen of the game encountered a very interesting surprise.

Accordingly, Amazon has made a restriction on the names that players want to give to their characters. Moreover, these are not racist or abusive names that players generally use.

According to the feedback made by the players, you cannot use the name of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in any way in the character creation screen. Moreover, character names blocked by Amazon are not limited to this. Other tried character names; JeffBezos, Wallet, Unionize Amazon, JeffB, Bez0S and many other combinations are also blocked by Amazon.

By the way, although the idea that these names have been taken before comes to mind, if you choose a name that has been taken before, New World will send you a warning stating that this name is already in use. In this sense, it is thought that Amazon does not want these names to be taken.

There has been no official statement from Amazon yet on the subject. However, the Amazon front, which stated that the game is exclusive to the PC for now, also winked at the console versions of New World. As of tomorrow, the review embargo will be lifted and the review scores and user notes are expected to arrive this week.

So what do you guys think about this restriction made by Amazon? Do not forget to share your views with us.


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