Interesting feature for Google’s Digital Balance app


Google Digital Balance app gets new features. To help people reduce their smartphone usage, Google introduced the Digital Balance app with Android 9 Pie. Since the app was released, Android settings can be easily accessed by entering the feature’s menu, and you can see the total time you have spent on apps there.

Google Digital Balance app is different with new feature

You can pause some applications that you have restricted with the application and even turn the screen to grayscale to spend less time on the phone. After all, some users still report high smartphone usage even though all the limiters are active.

On top of that, Google is preparing to embarrass you for using your phone too much with its “Mindful Wallpaper” feature that it will add to Digital Balance. Google will soon have the feature in any of the beta versions of Digital Balance, according to new reports to tackle the problems of people who spend too much time on the phone.

Google Dijital Denge uygulamasi yeni ozellik-01

The feature is inspired by the application called Unlock Clock. When you open this application, a large counter appears on the home screen and this counter increases every time you unlock the screen. In this case, Google, impressed by the application that reminds you how many phones you have in your hands, adds a feature similar to its Digital Balance application. Google is getting more merciful and instead of a giant counter adds the clouds that increase every time you turn on the screen.

With this interesting feature coming to the app, if you activate it, you’ll see clouds added on your home screen, and the amount of clouds will continue to increase with every screen opening attempt.


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