Interesting Ether Explained from the Winklevoss Brothers


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss twins announced that they have invested heavily in Ethereum (Ether).

The Winklevsoss brothers joined the The Defiant podcast by Camilia Russo a few days ago. The Winklevoss brothers talked about Gemini, the policies of the central banks, DeFi (decentralized finance) and the fixedcoin market during the broadcast. But the statements of the Winklevoss brothers, especially about Ether, are remarkable.

The Winklevoss brothers invested $ 11 million in Bitcoin in 2013. Bitcoin’s price at these dates was $ 100-150. Thanks to the $ 11 million investment, the Winklevoss brothers are thought to have “bought 1% of the total circulating BTC amount” during that period. Thanks to these investments, the twins made history as the “first Bitcoin billionaires” in 2017.

We do not know exactly how much Bitcoin is currently in the hands of the Winklevoss twins. But the cryptocurrency community Winklevoss clearly sees siblings as Bitcoin whales. It seems that these twins are not only Bitcoin, but also Ether whales.

Ether Whales
The Winklevoss brothers have said that they have invested in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin in their publications and interviews so far. So we knew that the Winklevoss brothers were also active in the altcoin market. But there was no information about the scale of these investments.

The Winklevoss brothers who participated in The Defiant podcast made some explanations about the Ether investment they made here. Tyler Winklevoss, who said that they had “loaded amounts of Ether”, made a comment during the broadcast:

“We haven’t mentioned much about our Ether investments so far. But I guess, as the Gemini team, we were one of the first exchanges to list Ether in 2016. Since then, we have been great supporters of Ether. As Cameron said, we have a considerable amount of Ether. A really remarkable amount. ”

Camilia Russo; After making this comment, Tyler Winklevoss tried to learn more about the twins’ Ether investment. That’s why Russo asked the twins how they would come up with their Ether investment “if they compare against Bitcoin investments”. Cameron Winklevoss’s answer to this question was as follows:

“They are neither too far nor too close in quantity. But let me say that we did not receive a small amount of ETH. A few years ago, we had committed ourselves to receiving a large amount of ETH. ”

As can be seen from the above comment, we still do not know how much the Winklevoss brothers invested in Ether. But it is interesting to note that the twin billionaire twins have made clear to Ether that they have “invested heavily”. According to Russo, this means that the Winklevoss brothers can also be considered Ether whales.


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