Interesting error of artificial intelligence in football match


Technology continues to be used more and more in all areas of life. Also in football; It is known that technologies such as video assistant referee and goal line are used. In Scotland, a camera system working with artificial intelligence is used in the lower league for savings. However, the interesting error of artificial intelligence in the football match drew attention on social media.

Artificial intelligence confused the referee’s head with the soccer ball

In Scotland, the Inverness Caledonian Thishtle club scored the first point of the season with a last-minute goal against its rival Ayr United. However, it was not possible for the fans of the club to experience the enthusiasm of this goal. The artificial intelligence camera used to save money did not show the goal due to an error.

The reason for the artificial intelligence’s fault in the football match was that the referee was bald. The camera, entrusted with artificial intelligence, could not separate the referee’s head from the soccer ball and showed the audience the referee in the sideline instead of the goal. This situation has led to a solidarity among the fans on social media.

For the club, which could not allocate a budget for professional cameras and cameramen, the fans took action after this event. The club did not go unresponsive to this support movement. To the fans; In return for their support of $ 65, they will give the opportunity to write their names in the entrance tunnel to the field. Thus, both support will be provided to the club and the bond between the fans and the club will be strengthened.


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