Interesting development in Apple and Epic case


Just seven months have passed since Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store and Epic Games filed anti-monopoly lawsuits in different locations. With the senior executives of Apple and Epic giving testimony in the courtroom, the legal struggle between the two companies seems to gain an interesting dimension.

A new legal document unearthed by Apple as we enter the end of last weekend includes the company’s CEO Tim Cook, Senior Vice President Craig Federighi, and former marketing chief and current App Store boss Phil Schiller, live and in person in the courtroom with many other witnesses. showed that they intend to testify. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney and Vice President Mark Rein, as well as Facebook’s vice president of games and Microsoft Xbox vice president of business development, will also be among those heard in the courtroom.

Schiller is expected to spend the most time in the courtroom with an 11-hour review and cross-examination, which is reasonable. The manager was not only responsible for the App Store, which was at the center of the case, but also some of his emails and subordinates’ emails were under scrutiny for both this case and last year’s major tech antitrust trial. One of those cases ended when the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee concluded that “Apple exerts monopoly power in the mobile app store market”.

The following statements were used in the statement published by Apple on the subject:

Our top executives are looking forward to courtroom sharing the very positive impact of the App Store on innovation, world economies and customer experience over the past 12 years. We believe the lawsuit will prove that Epic deliberately violated its agreement only to increase revenues, resulting in their removal from the App Store. By doing this, Epic has circumvented the security features of the App Store in a way that reduces competition and puts consumer privacy and data security at great risk.

The trial is currently expected to begin on May 3rd and last for several weeks.


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