Interesting computer case from the fan of Death Stranding!


Death Stranding fashion has been coming to be seen by many people both in cosplay and in other ways. But there are some who take this admiration further. The game, which was released for the PC platform recently and given as a gift by those who bought NVIDIA graphics cards with a campaign, came back to the agenda with an interesting computer case designed by a strict fan. This concept both frightened those who saw it and managed to attract attention.

Put baby in computer case for Death Stranding fashion

Death Stranding, signed by Hideo Kojima and shown as one of the best games of recent times, knew how to offer its players the fascinating post-apocalyptic atmosphere and the story it has. A fan impressed by all of these managed to stand out with his computer case concept. The Twitter user named Cami Roebuck, who took a baby doll in the computer case, inspired by the baby carried by Sam Bridges in the lap of the game, stated that he collected his first computer in his tweet. He did not forget to add names like Rouebuck Hideo Kojima and Troy Baker to the tweet.

While Death Stranding fashion is becoming more and more interesting, strange landscapes may appear in places. For example, a TikTok user dressed as Bridges and did a cosplay work, and put his own baby in the tube on his lap. Let us remind you that this baby is real compared to the computer case.

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