Interest in Arabesques in Turkey has grown 4 times in 3 years! Moreover, the listeners are young people…


According to Spotify, the number of Arabesque auditions in Turkey has increased 4 times over the past 3 years. The audience of the Arabesque was the youth.
Spotify, the most popular music platform, has shared amazing information about users in Turkey. The data provided by the platform showed that the number of Arabesque lovers in our country has increased 4 times in 3 years.

Compared to January-August 2019 and January-August of this year, there was an increase of 287% in listening to Arabesques. The age group that listens to Arabesques the most was very surprised. This year, the age group listening to Arabesques the most was the 18-24 age group, namely Generation Z, with 46%.

Even while running, the Arabesque is resting, we are number one in the world!

Spotify data showed that even user playlists on running themes included at least 1 song in the Arabesque style. However, most of all in our country listen to the Arabesque genre – 84%. After Turkey, the countries that listen to Arabesques the most were Germany, the Netherlands and France.

So, who are we listening to?

According to Spotify, Muslum Gurses is the most popular Arab artist of all time. The most listened to Arabic song of all time was “Nilüfer”. The most listened to artists and songs in the Arabesque genre were:

Top 10 most popular Arab artists in 2022:

Muslim Gurses
Ebru Gundesh
Funda Arar
Tilbe Star
Ibrahim Tatlises
Ebru Yasar
Hakan Altun
Cengiz Kurtoglu
Azer Bulbul

The 10 best Arabic songs of 2022:

Take My Beloved – Funda Ararat, Seven Cents
Ata Ata Ichme – Burak Bulut, Ebru Yashar, Kurtulush Kush
You forgive – Bergen
Heaven – Ebru Gundes
I wrote to you — Muslume Gyurses
Ediverenim – Funda Arar
Nilufer – Muslume Gyurses
Without morning – Gullu
When people are in trouble – Bergen
Don’t worry about me – Bergen


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