Interest in Blockchain Business Continues to Increase


The whole world is on the verge of a huge economic crisis and the US continues to inject trillions of dollars of liquidity into the economy. While most people lose their jobs, most of the rest are afraid of losing.

The Need In The Blockchain Sector Is Growing
Despite this, the interest and employment rate for cryptocurrency and blockchain-oriented jobs continues to increase without decreasing. The US has seen the largest unemployment rate in its history recently, and the situation does not seem heartwarming at all. Kraken, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA, stated that it plans to increase its workforce by 10%.

Kraken, which currently has 800 employees, will add about 67 more to its staff and will do so in the coming weeks, while the global situation is likely to get worse., one of the leading job search platforms in the USA, also recorded that there are 114.5 million blockchain-focused job vacancies in December. When we look at February 2020, it is seen that the number of these advertisements has increased by 3%, that is, the need for blockchain-oriented employees has increased despite the global crisis.

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