Interactive sound and touch games reach smart screens


Smart screens, also known as Smart Displays, are central similar to the personal voice assistant on your smartphone, but designed to stay in one place in the house and have access at any time easily and quickly. With the popularization of its models of the Nest line, now Google presents a new update that brings games to devices.

Those with a smart screen like Nest Hub Max will be able to play in an easy and interactive way, either through the use of speech recognition or the touch screen of the Smart Display.

In the presentation video Google that the novelty will arrive with different titles for all types of public. In the Google blog post, product manager John Hsu reveals that “one of my favorite games is ‘Guess the Drawing’ by CoolGames”, which starts with a simple drawing and gets detailed over time, let alone the faster you get it right, the more points you get.

There are also several other games like Trivia Crack (known in Brazil as Asked Questions), Categories Battle, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?, Are You Feeling Lucky? and several other games.

To start the games area, the user just needs to perform the voice command “Hey Google, let’s play” in English, since the company’s smart screens are not yet available in Brazil, unlike Amazon’s big bet on its Echo models.


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