Intel’s internal data leaked to the internet


Intel’s internal data, whose total size exceeds 20 GB, was uploaded to the file sharing platform Mega. According to the news in ZDNet, Intel is working hard to find out how the files in question were leaked.

It is stated that most of the documents shared by a Swiss software engineer named Till Kottmann are classified as “confidential”. Kottmann also stated that the documents were given to him by a person who had leaked into Intel’s systems in May. The Swiss software engineer had previously shared data from other big technology companies leaking onto the Internet.

Examining the leaked data, ZDNet stated that among the files, design information and source codes of different processors were found. These include BIOS reference codes, Kaby Lake sample codes, and schemes, tools and software of the new generation Tiger Lake processors. It was announced that there was no sensitive information of Intel’s employees or customers among the leaked data.

Kottmann’s source claims that Intel accessed data through an underprotected server on the Akami CDN. However, there is a different claim in the statements from Intel.

In the statement made by Intel to ZDNet, it was stated that the company does not think a server attack is possible. The processor giant thinks the files may have been leaked by someone with access to the Resource and Design Center. This center, which is a web portal, enables Intel’s business partners to access non-public technical documents. In the statement made by Intel, it was stated that the issue is under investigation.

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