Intelligent Toothbrush That Can Create Personal Programs


The electronic toothbrush named X Pro, launched by Oclean, has features that will change the tooth brushing habits of consumers. The X Pro, which can create brushing programs that can be customized according to the person, draws attention with its features such as the ability to use up to 40 days with 2 hours of charging and to detect the non-brushed part of the teeth.

It is a well-known fact that oral and dental health is important. People attach great importance to both toothpastes and toothbrushes to have a better smile and healthy teeth. In addition, technology companies have been doing their best to develop more functional toothbrushes in recent years. In this news, we will talk about a toothbrush that will directly affect your tooth brushing habits.

Developed by a company called Oclean, this toothbrush named “X Pro” is one of the electronic toothbrush models that have become increasingly popular recently. However, there is a feature that makes this product unique. This feature is that Oclean X Pro can be programmed according to the dental health of the person. In other words, while this toothbrush offers a 2-minute standard brushing for healthy teeth, it gives a special importance to teeth with decays or other problems.

Introducing Oclean X Pro, a toothbrush with personal programming.

The Oclean X Pro’s only feature is not that it can be programmed individually. By using this toothbrush, you can also massage your gums. This means preventing gum bleeding and improving blood circulation in the mouth. On the other hand, by using this toothbrush, you can use a special brushing program that will make your teeth whiten, so you may not need the whitening application of the dentists.

The smart toothbrush has a touch screen. He is able to switch to different brushing modes using this screen. Following the brushing process, the toothbrush can show which parts of the teeth are brushed and which parts are not brushed on this screen. In addition to all these, this toothbrush also has an application that can be used on smartphones. The X Pro can also be controlled via this smartphone app.

Meanwhile, the mobile app of X Pro has features that cannot be underestimated. A user; Using this application, you can learn about brushing modes, customize the brushing process and monitor whether or not he brushes his teeth. An even more impressive aspect of the product is that it can be used for up to 40 days with 2 hours of charging.


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