Intel would be finalizing its new line of folding notebooks


In October, Lenovo made the ThinkPad X1 Fold official and started the race involving laptops with foldable screens; at the time, rumors pointed out that Samsung, Microsoft and Intel were already making their foldable device lines to be launched in early 2022. According to DigiTimes, Intel would already have something to show the market in the second half of this year.

The American giant would be in the final stages of developing a new line of folding notebooks. Also according to DigiTimes, sources working for companies that supply Intel estimate that the devices would be launched with initial prices of around US $ 2,500 (approximately R $ 13 thousand).

Intel had already shown the way to take when it presented, during CES 2020, in January 2020, a conceptual notebook 2 in 1, with a foldable OLED screen (in charge of Samsung and BOE) called by the company Horseshoe Bend ( horseshoe fold).

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The new device was designed to use Intel’s new 10 nm Tiger Lake architecture, using a 7 mm thick chassis with a 9 W TDP, with no active cooling. The concept laptop featured a 12-inch touchscreen that, unfolded, increased its area to 17.3 inches.

As reported by The Verge at the time, the Intel team at the company’s CES 2020 booth did not allow the screen to be completely opened or folded, casting suspicion on the performance of the hinge (one of the weaknesses in the folders).

Even so, the company stated that the Horseshoe Bend supports several usage positions. The new notebook would still have a removable keyboard, to be attached to the device when it is folded, facilitating transport.

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During the fair, which took place before the restrictions imposed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the machine was equipped with Windows 10, but what is expected is that Intel will launch its line of foldable notebooks with the Microsoft operating system for foldables, Windows 10X .


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