Intel will test autonomous vehicles at a speed of 130 km / h


Mobileye, a technology research and development company for autonomous vehicles, has received permission from German authorities to test automated cars in any urban and rural area of ​​the country. This includes the famous Autobahn, a highway on which cars reach 130 km / h.

This authorization means that Intel, which has owned Mobileye since 2017, is one of the first companies that does not fit among traditional car makers to be allowed to test in the country. The Munich region will be the hub of activities, but other cities in the country will also have the presence of autonomous cars.

The idea of ​​the test is that Mobileye not only improves its own systems based on real traffic situations.


Another objective involves demonstrating in practice the security, functionality and scalability of the platform – and, eventually, closing new deals with interested companies. Ford recently chose the company to supply cameras and sensors for the American manufacturer’s assistant director.

In May 2020, Intel still acquired Moovit for $ 900 million to expand the catalog of transportation services that do not require a human driver. The system is already being tested in regions such as France, Japan, South Korea and Israel, headquarters of both Moovit and Mobileye at the time when they were startups. The idea is to obtain new licenses to run in other countries by the end of 2020.

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