Intel Wants To Replace The 24-Pin Power Connector


Intel wants to set a different standard in the 12th generation Alder Lake series to replace the 24-pin power connector. This standard is referred to as ATX12VO. However, neither motherboard nor power supply manufacturers are willing to change this standard. According to Intel, the ATX12VO standard is both more efficient and takes less space than a 24-pin connection.

The 24-pin connector that powers the motherboard looks ugly and takes up a lot of space when viewed.

Intel wants to introduce ATX12VO standard instead of 24-pin power connector

The ATX12VO is referred to as a single-line power supply platform and is more efficient than a regular 24-pin connection. Independent tests show that the ATX12VO standard halves the computer’s idle power requirement compared to the 24-pin standard. However, the ATX12VO standard has the same power efficiency as 24-pin under heavy load.

ATX12VO standard has a 10-pin power connector. This means the system needs a compatible power supply. In addition, the power required in this standard is set by the motherboard rather than the power supply. This increases the complexity of the motherboard structure. For this reason, motherboard manufacturers are not very keen on this.

According to Videocardz’s report, Intel wants to use the 10-pin ATX12VO standard instead of the 24-pin power connector on Alder Lake-S motherboards. If Intel is genuinely committed to this, power supply and motherboard manufacturers need to be quick. Because leaks say it will take 4 to 5 months to produce an ATX12VO compatible motherboard and power supply. This is estimated to be in September. We mentioned earlier that Alder Lake-S processors will be introduced in September.

It is true that the ATX12VO standard has some advantages. However, it will take time to gain wide acceptance. If AMD makes such a decision in the Ryzen 6000 series, it will greatly speed up the process.


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