Intel Releases Arc Pro GPUs for Authors and Artificial Intelligence Tasks


Intel has released professional Arc Pro Series A GPUs for content creators and artificial intelligence tasks. Last year Intel announced plans to enter the discrete graphics market to compete with two recognized players — Intel and AMD. The company announced its first set of discrete Arc GPUs for laptops in March of this year, and then in June released Arc 3 graphics cards for desktop PCs. However, the desktop cards of the A700 series, which enthusiasts have been waiting for, have remained missing.

Intel initially announced plans to deploy its discrete GPU-based solutions on laptops in the first quarter, then on desktops in the second quarter and workstations in the third quarter. However, the company has faced numerous delays in the release of cards, mainly due to problems with graphics drivers. According to Intel, buggy drivers affect performance in older but still popular games, leading to widespread frustration not only among gamers and end consumers, but also among the board partners and OEMs who will actually produce and sell these cards.

At the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference, Intel announced a line of professional Arc Pro A-Series GPUs for workstations. The two cards presented at this event are the A40 with one slot and the A50 with two slots. Along with two desktop graphics cards, the company also announced the A30M graphics processor for professional laptops. In an official press release, Intel announced that all three cards will come with hardware ray tracing, AV1 hardware encoding acceleration and machine learning capabilities. According to the company, the cards will be ideal for “leading professional software applications in the field of architecture, design and construction (AEC), as well as design and manufacturing (D&M).”

Intel Arc Pro Specifications

In terms of technical specifications, the Arc Pro A40 GPU will offer peak performance of 3.50 TFLOPS at single precision and offer up to 8 ray tracing cores and 6 GB GDDR6 memory. The A50 will offer 4.80 TFLOPS, but will also have the same 8 ray racing cores and 6 GB GDDR6 memory as its smaller brother. Both the A40 and A50 have a base clock frequency of 2 GHz, but while the former has a TDP of 50 watts, the latter has a thermal design of 75 watts. Both cards will also include support for 4x Mini DisplayPort 1.4 for multi-monitor configurations.

As for the A30M mobile GPU, Intel says it will offer 3.5 teraflops graphics performance, 8 ray-traced cores and 4 GB of GDDR6 memory. As for TDP, it will consume 35-50 watts of peak power and support up to 4 external monitors. It is worth noting that the cards announced today are designed for workstations, and not for gaming systems that will use non-professional models of GPUs. Intel says the cards will be available later this year from its partners and OEMs.


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