Intel releases 11th generation Core processors for gamers


This Tuesday (16), Intel announced that Rocket Lake-S, the 11th generation of Intel Core S series processors, has just arrived on the market. According to the company, the company “continues to bring desktop gaming performance to the limit and offering players the most immersive experiences on the market. “

Up to 19% improvement in IPC performance compared to previous generations and up to 50% better integrated graphics performance with Intel UHD graphics – which includes Intel Xe architecture for advanced media features and smart graphics – are some of the manufacturer’s promises.

“Through close collaboration with more than 200 leading game developers, Intel offers a range of game optimizations, engines, middleware and rendering for applications, ensuring that 11th generation Intel Core S series processors deliver exciting gaming experiences. “, highlights.

“Built using the new Cypress Cove architecture, the 11th generation Intel Core S series desktop processors were developed to transform the efficiency of hardware and software, in addition to increasing the raw performance of the game,” he adds.

“Complete media experiences”

At the top of the list is the 11th generation Intel Core i9-11900K processor, with performance up to 5.3 GHz thanks to Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost, eight colors, 16 threads and 16 MB of Intel Smart Cache, supporting faster memory speeds with DDR4-3200 and allowing for more integrated gameplay and multitasking.

Also according to the company, improved overcloking tools and features and flexible tuning, which allows changes to the real-time DDR4 frequency and AVX2 (advanced vector extensions) and AVX-512 voltage protection band override, in addition to Intel Deep Learning Boost and VNNI support (vector neural network instructions), both aimed at improving performance for deep learning workloads, are common to all processors in the line.

Finally, support for DDR4-3200 MHz, 20 PCIe 4.0 tracks, Intel Quick Sync Video, enhanced media (10-bit AV1 / 12bit HEVC decoding and E2E compression), enhanced display (Integrated HDMI 2.0, HBR3), Intel® Thunderbolt ™ 4 ± and Wi-Fi 6E support finalize the news package.

“The new 11th generation Intel Core S-series processors offer complete media experiences, from AAA games to high definition streaming with additional features,” he argues – also highlighting that support for memory overclocking has been extended to H570 chipsets and B560, as well as the presence of a new integrated memory controller with wider timings and Gear 2 support, in addition to support for Gear 1.