Intel: We Pull Out of the Modem Market Due to Qualcomm’s Non-competitive Behavior


Intel Deputy Director Steven R. Rodgers said in a recent blog post that they were forced to withdraw from the modem market due to Qualcomm’s uncompetitive behavior.

In the past few months, he had to sell the modem production for mobile to Apple for $ 1 billion with a “multi billion dollar zarar loss after a sudden decision and left the modem market. Following this transfer agreement, Intel’s 2,200 employees, Apple, all equipment, manufacturing centers and patents were fully in possession.

In a brief statement to the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, Intel claimed that Qualcomm was trying to overthrow this decision after it lost the large-scale monopoly case filed against the US Federal Trade Commission. Intel, who testified at the hearing, argues that the court ruling should be effective on Friday, but appeals are expected to begin in January.

What happened?
In a 233-page decision issued in May, US District Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Qualcomm had used phone makers to charge unnecessary license fees, used its dominance to illegally damage competitors in the wireless chip market and enforce monopoly.

The judge then ordered the San Diego-based company to renegotiate license agreements at reasonable prices. In response to this decision, Qualcomm announced in a statement to the Wall Street Journal that its practices were lawful and justified and that Koh’s decision would appeal.

Intel was banished from the modem market because of Qualcomm’s uncompetitive behavior:
Intel was Qualcomm’s main competitor in modem chips. In his new blog post, Intel Executive Vice President Steven R. Rodgers summed up this situation: had to do. ”

We are eagerly awaiting how the tension between the two giant companies will result and what decision will be made in the appeal in January. You can follow us to be aware of all developments in this process.


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