Intel: New Rocket Lake S CPUs will reach 19% faster


In its presentation on Monday (11) at CES 2021, Intel unveiled its next Rocket Lake architecture. These units represent the first major architectural overhaul of the company in over 5 years which, adapted from 10 nanometers, promises to bring PCIe 4.0 support to the main platform, which can be translated as better communication between motherboard and video card .

The new Rocket Lake S CPUs for Intel desktops will arrive with chips of up to 8 cores (plus 16 threads) and, for those who expected 10 cores, the company guarantees that the new Rocket Lake S processors are up to 19% faster than their precursors. They are expected to deliver up to 50% higher graphics performance and will feature AI integration with Intel’s Deep Learning Boost technology.

The 11th generation Rocket Lake-S will have Core i9-11900K as its flagship, which can reach up to 5.3 GHz and support faster DDR4-3200 RAM. Featuring support for PCIe 4.0, the new processors will be compatible with Intel’s 400 series chipsets, as well as the expected 500 series motherboards, which are due soon.

What’s next: the Alder Lake hybrids

With an eye on the future, Intel has previewed its next chip release: there are more than 50 Alder Lake hybrid processors aimed at different audiences. Continuing, and improving, Arm’s BIG.little technology, the idea is to mix high performance and high efficiency cores in the same package.

However, unlike the current Lakefield processors, which are clearly focused on mobile devices, Intel guarantees that the Alder Lake can also serve as a base for desktop processors. The idea is that the new CPUs are used in four different areas of use: business, education, mobile (notebooks) and gaming.

The company’s executive vice president, Gregory Bryant, highlighted Intel’s large ecosystem and said the new Alder Lake will arrive in the second half of this year.


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