Intel May Buy Manufacturer GlobalFoundries for $30 Billion


Intel is said to be in talks to acquire the semiconductor manufacturing company GlobalFoundries. The information is from The Wall Street Journal, from anonymous sources with knowledge of the industry.

According to the report, the value of the acquisition is around US$ 30 billion and would put a brake on GlobalFoundries’ current plan to make a public offering of shares (IPO).

The move would follow current strategies from Intel, which is in the growth phase and has recently overtaken its rival. The idea is to depend less and less on other factories to produce chips and, if there is demand and capacity, to even receive orders from other companies for processor manufactures. In the current phase of scarcity in the industry, this may be a way for the giant to stand out in the area.

What companies say

GlobalFoundries said it is not in talks with Intel. The shareholder group that controls the company did not comment on the matter.

Intel only told The Verge website that it does not comment on speculation, but has not made any statement to the original source of the report.

troubled history

Semiconductor maker GlobalFoundries is currently controlled by the Abu Dhabi-based investment fund Advanced Technology Investment. However, the company’s trajectory is even more peculiar — and involves the biggest rival of the supposedly interested in its acquisition.

GlobalFoundries officially came into existence in 2009, when AMD announced that it would no longer produce semiconductors in-house, relying on contracts with specialized companies in the sector. The manufacturing division was then split into a new company, GlobalFoundries, and the company sold the subsidiary’s shares in 2012. In short, Intel can buy a company that was previously part of AMD.

The exclusivity agreement between the parties ended in May this year – which only reinforces a possible negotiation with other interested parties.


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