Intel Loses US$2.18 Billion Patent Case and Wants To Appeal


Intel: The judge in the Waco District Court, in the state of Texas (United States), denied Intel, last Monday (9), the request to overturn a decision related to an alleged patent infringement case filed by VLSI Technology. The process could cost nearly $2.18 billion (about R$11.3 billion in direct conversion) to big tech’s coffers.

Two technologies, formerly owned by the Dutch company NXP Semiconductors, were the subject of discussion. On March 2 of this year, the jury responsible for analyzing the action determined that the accused should dedicate to VLSI the amounts of US$ 1.5 billion (R$ 7.8 billion) and US$ 675 million (R$ 3.7 billion) for what he considered improper appropriation of the projects.

According to the giant, this was the second highest verdict in such a lawsuit, with three others, even more substantial, being overturned.

exorbitant damages

In a statement published on Tuesday (11), according to Reuters, Intel said it was disappointed with the situation and that it intends to appeal. In addition, he asked authorities to review the legislation in order to prevent “litigation investors”, persons or organizations dedicated to structuring occasional lawsuits, from using low-quality patents to extract “exorbitant damages” from other companies, arguing that the practice stifles innovation and harms the economy.

Finally, big tech claimed that the verdict was marked by erroneous instructions and evidentiary decisions (in which evidence, if properly analyzed, would be decisive for a different result), as well as it seemed based on previous agreements not comparable with this one, something, it says , admitted by VLSI’s own damage specialist.


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