Intel licensed to work with Huawei! Here are the details


Uncertainties regarding the ban preventing Huawei from working with US companies have been going on since day one. Many companies cannot provide hardware or software to Huawei due to these prohibitions. However, some companies are licensed to work with the Chinese tech giant, suggesting that this ban will not last forever. Intel recently joined the list of companies that received permission from the US government to work with Huawei.

License applications made by American companies to work with Huawei are evaluated and decided by the government. Although there is no official statement yet, it is stated that Intel has received the necessary approval. It is said that the evaluation process continues for other companies.

It was previously confirmed by Huawei that Qualcomm is also one of the companies pending license. So it will not be a surprise to see Qualcomm chipsets in Huawei’s phones in the future.

It has been known for some time that Intel and Qualcomm are in contact with the American government to work with Huawei. In some reports, it is stated that AMD has applied to sell chips to more than one Chinese company, and one of them is Huawei.


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