Intel Iris Xe MAX surprises with its performance!


Introducing the external graphics card for laptops, Intel has quite ambitious plans in addition to its processors. CEO Bob Swan wants to save Intel from being a processor-only company. For this reason, the American silicon giant has also turned to fields such as external graphics card and artificial intelligence. Introduced in this context, Intel Iris Xe MAX stands out with its performance and features.

On the graphics card side, Iris Xe MAX, which will compete with NVIDIA’s MX series graphics cards, surprises with its artificial intelligence performance.

Intel Iris Xe MAX performance and features

The graphics card, which comes with 96 execution units, can go up to 1.65 GHz. Coming with 4 GB of VRAM, Iris Xe MAX also has PCIe 4.0 support. The graphics card, which has 68 GB / s memory bandwidth, goes through the production of 10 nm SuperFin. Finally surpassing 14 nm lithography, Intel is looking to increase the claim on the mobile side.

Intel has taken an eye on the portable laptop market with discrete graphics. Intel wants to bring computers to the market that do not need NVIDIA’s MX series graphics cards. For this, it has worked with many manufacturers and business partners. With the company’s newly introduced Deep Link technology, Intel Iris Xe MAX performance has also increased.

Deep Link technology enables the graphics card and processor to work together, thanks to artificial intelligence. This results in an industry-leading coding performance. When we come to the performance side, Intel Iris Xe MAX manages to beat the NVIDIA MX 350 in many ways. Although the difference is not overwhelming, Intel has been overwhelmingly superior in Metro Exodus.

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With the Deep Link feature, the artificial intelligence performance of the processor and graphics card also comes to the top. In this way, no resources are wasted. In fact, Iris Xe MAX is 78 percent more powerful than RTX 2080 in artificial intelligence and coding.

Speaking of Intel Iris Xe MAX performance, the results of 3DMark tests have also emerged. The video card, which scored 1826 in the 3DMark Time Spy test, scored 6611 in the Fire Strike test. In the image below, you can compare the performance differences in the 3DMark test with other graphics cards.

Intel Iris Xe MAX performansı

While there are already applications compatible with Deep Link, it has been promised that these applications will increase. Compatible applications currently include common tools such as OBS and XSplit.


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