Intel Introduces 11th Gen Tiger Lake Processors


New Intel processors are designed to give the best performance in compact and lightweight laptops

Intel has made the official announcement of its first 11th generation Tiger Lake processors for laptops, which will feature the company’s new integrated Xe graphics, as well as support for Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6 and a huge leap in performance and the battery life relative to previous Ice Lake chips that equip today’s laptops.

Intel is launching 9 new 11th generation processors for its U-series and Y-class chips, also known as UP4, which are led by the Core i7-1185G7, which offers base speeds of 3.0GHz, which also features the latest version. powerful of Intel’s Iris Xe integrated graphics, with 96 CUs and a maximum graphics speed of 1.35 GHz.

The company had already unveiled the new processors at its Architecture Day 2020 event earlier this year, the new 11th Gen line that is still built with the 10nm process, very similar to the current 10th Gen Ice Lake models. but it is upgraded to the Willow Core architecture with a new 10nm ‘SuperFin’ design that Intel says will offer better speeds with lower power consumption.

Intel launches its 11th generation of processors

Intel is betting heavily on its new integrated Xe graphics, which it promises will deliver up to twice the graphics performance, and which Intel says will deliver more substantial benefits than just increases in raw core count (an area where, coincidentally, AMD currently leads Intel in.)

A demo shown during Intel’s announcement showed an 11th generation chip that offers similar or better graphics performance than a 10th generation chip running concurrently with an Nvidia MX350 GPU. (Also, you’ll need Intel’s new i5 or i7 chips to get Xe graphics; the Core i3 models for the U and Y series will only offer Intel UHD graphics.)

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Also new is support for 8K HDR displays, along with the option to use up to four 4K HDR displays at once. There are also enhancements to the built-in artificial intelligence engine, which Intel says will offer specific enhancements for video calls (such as background blurring), tasks in which ARM-based computers like the Surface Pro X have previously excelled.


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