Intel: Giant Technology Company Announced Indirect Cryptocurrency Investment


Indirect crypto investment by the largest chipmaker has made a splash. Chip giant Intel recently bought shares of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

According to the announcement made today, the company has 3,014 shares of Coinbase (COIN). In the first quarter of this year, the company, which did not have any investments related to crypto, received and was newly announced as of the end of June, these shares made a great impact in the crypto money community.

Intel Announces Indirect Crypto Investment

Intel may have bought a share for about $800,000. However, this step, which points to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and stock markets by the giant company, maybe the harbinger of bigger ones in the future. With the release of the second-quarter data, many companies that invested directly or indirectly in cryptocurrencies were disclosed.

Considering that the third-quarter data will be announced as of October, we can predict that more positive news will flow to the crypto money markets in the future. Many companies can buy crypto-focused stocks for future investment, even if it is small.

Coinbase Shares Rise

With the movement of the crypto money markets, the value of Coinbase shares is also increasing. Coin shares, which saw a $ 261.7 increase by 5% today, went up to $ 280 on August 9th. The company’s second-quarter data was extremely satisfying. The company, which targets 8 million users annually, continues to run towards this goal.

Moreover, the stock market, which acts faster in listing new cryptocurrencies, also increases its trading volume. We read in a recent announcement that Coinbase will offer an extremely wide range of services by listing all legitimate crypto assets. The company is determined in this regard and is doing its best to improve its processes.


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