Intel Expands vPro Security Service To 12th Generation Chips


Intel today announced the expansion of vPro, the company’s hardware-based security platform. From now on, digital protection services will also work with the company’s 12th Generation chips, Alder Lake.

With the novelty, the company also separated the platform into different categories, according to the customer: Intel vPro Enterprise (which is the company’s original package), Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome (which is valid only for Chromebooks), Intel vPro Essentials (aimed at small and medium entrepreneurs), and Intel vPro – An Intel Evo Design (for other notebooks and those who work with a focus on mobility).

vPro for 12th Generation allows for greater security while the chips ensure more productivity and performance for hybrid work environments or with many collaboration and communication applications in use.

Functions include a low-response ransomware detector made in collaboration with ESET, a service that tracks abnormal behavior and warns the user, and new ways of operating system virtualization, as well as ways to prevent intrusions based on code execution. .

In addition to these features, the categories also have some exclusives — only the vPro Enterprise version has Active Management Technology, which is the complete management of an organization, with advanced controls for large IT teams and many collaborators in and out of the office.