Intel Donates 6 Million Dollars To The Fight Against Coronavirus


US technology giant Intel announced it will donate $ 6 million to help combat coronavirus. The company will direct 4 million dollars of the donation to national and international regions.

The new type of coronavirus, first seen in December of 2019 and spreading all over the world, continues to get worse every day. In order to resist the coronavirus, support continues to come from governments and individuals, as well as many companies, large and small.

Finally, US technology giant Intel announced in its announcement today that it has donated $ 6 million to efforts against coronavirus. The $ 4 million portion of the company’s donation will be transferred to communities where Intel is working against coronavirus.

Intel donated $ 6 million:
At this point, the remaining $ 2 million from Intel’s $ 6 million donation will be devoted to aid work at Intel facilities, providing a great opportunity for full-time or part-time employees and US retirees. The company also announced exactly where the $ 4 million will be donated.

According to Intel’s statement, $ 4 million; It will be donated to communities and organizations that focus on food safety, housing, medical equipment and small business support. Donations will go to strategic organizations unique to each major Intel facility. These organizations are already defined by the company.

Intel’s donation areas in the U.S. include the states of Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, and Texas. However, international countries that will benefit from donations include Costa Rica, India, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico and Vietnam.

The companies that have donated to the fight against coronavirus to date include Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and many other giant companies. In the past hours, Google has announced a package of over $ 800 million, announcing the greatest aid we have ever seen to help combat coronavirus.

According to data released to date, coronavirus was detected in a total of 615,519 people worldwide, killing 28,717 people. The most frequent location of virus cases was the United States, which has recently replaced China. The number of people infected with coronavirus in the U.S. has reached 104,860.


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