Intel dedicates $50 million to fight coronavirus


Intel announced an investment of approximately $ 40 million in Response, Readiness and Online Learning Initiatives in the covid-19 combat. The action complements the US $ 10 million donation already made to support communities that are in a vulnerable situation during this period.

The company’s initiative includes supporting online education, accelerating access to medical technology and encouraging scientific research, in addition to creating an innovation fund for cases where access to Intel knowledge and resources can have an immediate impact.

According to Intel CEO Bob Swan, the world faces an unprecedented challenge in fighting COVID-19. “Intel is committed to accelerating access to technology that can fight the current pandemic and enable new technological and scientific discoveries to make society more prepared for future crises. We hope that sharing our knowledge, resources and technology will help to speed up work that are saving lives and expanding access to critical services worldwide during this challenging period, “he says.

Intel’s Online Learning Initiative will make it possible to donate computers and other resources needed to support education in vulnerable regions of the U.S., first, and then, worldwide. This will happen through support for business partners and non-profit organizations focused on education. The company says the initiative “reflects the institution’s long-standing commitment to using technology to enhance learning.”

Other fronts will help encourage the use of technology and solutions used for diagnosing and treating COVID-19 in healthcare and life sciences companies. Alliances to accelerate the reach and capacity to use technologies and technological innovations that can prevent and treat future pandemics are also contemplated.

The innovation fund supports external partners and employee projects to meet community needs. For example, the development of faster and cheaper COVID-19 tests and genomic sequencing of coronaviruses in partnership with the Indian Scientific and Industrial Research Council and the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad are underway; the Medical Informatics Corp (MIC) Sickbay ™ platform that transforms common beds into ICU beds in minutes, protecting healthcare professionals and expanding the quality of care; development of a new fan in the UK, in partnership with Dyson.


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