Intel Core receives special edition of the Avengers


It is not uncommon to see Marvel licensing the Avengers brand to a wide variety of companies, which allows fans to get personalized items with the hero franchise that was born in the comics and has gained more relevance in recent months due to the successful bet in theaters.

Among the examples in this regard that we have already seen on the market, we have the Galaxy Friends Marvel line of covers available, the launch of the Redmi K20 Pro in a special edition in China and now, to the confirmed partnership with the processor manufacturer Intel.

According to the publication on the official Twitter account, the boxes of 10th generation Intel Core Unlocked i5, i7 and i9 processors can be purchased in a box that brings art signed by the painter Tristan Eaton, which certainly can make it an item of decoration.

One point that can happily be noted is that regardless of the version purchased, the art will apparently be the same, which means that it will not be a collectible of multiple variations, something that makes sense if we consider that we are talking about a processor.

However, a question that can be asked regarding the ad is whether the item in question brings anything else in parallel to the special box, which could even lead some users to consider the availability of a license for example the game Marvel’s Avengers.

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In this sense, the user momomo_us observed in a Vietnamese store called KCC that the box has the “Game not included” information highlighted in the lower left corner, thus showing that the edition in question is really limited to the differentiated box.

One aspect that however was not clear is whether the little dog dressed as Captain America used by the store is just a decorative item used to take the photo, whether it is a gift or an additional item that can be purchased separately.

For now, there is still no information about this special edition in the Brazilian market.


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