Intel Core i9-9900KS Breaks Record at 6.9 GHz on All Cores


Intel’s Core i9-9900KS is the company’s fastest end-consumer processor as the advanced version of the top-level 9900K processors. In the overclocking tests on the processor, the 8 cores reached a speed of 6.95 GHz, breaking a new record.

Intel’s high-end Core i9-9900KS is designed to overclock up to 5 GHz on all cores. In previous standard tests, the processor could reach up to 5.2 GHz on all cores. However, the Intel Core i9-9900KS set a new speed record when the liquid nitrogen cooling system entered the business.

Intel gave Tom’s Hardware an example of a Core i9-9900KS for overclocking tests. Although Intel had previously attempted to overclock the chip, they had expected higher test results. The processor ultimately achieved record speeds of 6.95 GHz in 8 cores and 7.3 GHz in a single thread.

Temperature is a key factor in overclocking and thermal transfer from the integrated heat emitter (IHS) to the cooler in the processor plays an important role in overclocking tests. The first step in achieving high frequencies in this experiment was to sand the IHS to a completely flat surface. The flattening of the IHS reduced even the hottest cores to 4-5 ° C and provided a more uniform temperature spread.

In addition to the Geekbench 3 and Cinebench R15 platforms, liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling system, which is indispensable for world records, was used in the tests. In addition, Windows 10 uses software that disables Specter and Meltdown for optimal performance. As a result, the Core i9-9900KS reached 6,952 MHz on the Benchmate Cinebench R15 and scored 3,122 points.

In a single core, Superpi32m and pifast calculations were able to speed up to 7,300 MHz. Of course, achieving record-breaking results is impossible with air or liquid cooling, which can reach up to 5.4 GHz.


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