Intel Core “i9-11900K” performance leaked!

Intel , which will introduce its new Rocket Lake processors in the first quarter of 2021 , started to come to the end in its preparations. The 11th generation Rocket Lake processors, the last member of the LGA 1200 socket , will be Intel’s post processors with 14 nm production on the desktop side . Much more changes are expected in the 12th generation Alder Lake processors. Now, the performance of the processor estimated to be Intel Core i9-11900K has been leaked.

Explaining the details about the Rocket Lake-S family, Intel will offer up to 8/16 combinations on the core and track side .

Intel Core “i9-11900K” performance revealed

Having made a different decision on 11th generation Rocket Lake-S processors, Intel plans to launch its flagship with a combination of 8 cores / 16 threads . This year’s admiral, the i9-10900K , was coming with 10 cores / 20 threads. We don’t know exactly what Intel is aiming for. However , the 12th generation Alder Lake processors , which will be launched in the second half of 2021, will come with a combination of 16 cores / 32 threads at the top .

Intel Rocket Lake-S family after sharing details about the Intel Core i9-11900k that predicted performance of a processor userbenchmark from the database @TUM_APISAK was leaked through. The processor tested on MSI’s Z590-A PRO motherboard has 3.4 GHz base and 4.2 GHz turbo frequency. Consisting of 8 cores and 16 threads, the processor is estimated to be i9-11900K. However, the maximum frequency rate raises some doubts. Assuming that it can go above 5 GHz on Intel i5, i7 and i9 processors , there is something odd.

The test, conducted by a Taiwanese company, belongs to MSI , probably due to the motherboard model . Considering that the Rocket Lake family has an 8 core / 16 thread processor at the top , we look at either the Core i9-11900K or the Core i7-11700K . However, the performance differences make the processor more likely to be i9-11900K. The processor scores 179 points in a single core , 368 points in 2 cores, 682 points in 4 cores, 1115 points in 8 cores and 1623 points in 64-core tests.

When we look at the performance benchmarks, the performance of the processor, which is estimated as Intel Core i9-11900K, is 21 percent faster in single core compared to 10700K . Considering the 10700K is 5.1 GHz and the processor under test is 4.2 GHz , a 5 GHz + Rocket Lake processor will destroy the 10700K in single core performance. In addition, the tested processor is 18 percent higher than the 5.3 GHz single-core i9-10900K .

The new processors offer an average performance increase of around 20 percent in a single core . In this case, Intel could quickly reclaim the single-core crown from its rival AMD . Alder Lake processors will arrive in the second half of 2021. For this reason, AMD needs to make strict preparation for the Ryzen 6000 series with AM5 socket .

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